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Refrigeration Service in Middletown

Your fridge is a necessity, but like many appliances that we use every day, we don’t understand how important they are until they need to be repaired or replaced. Jm Pro Hydro Corp is here to help you get the most out of your fridges, wine cellars, cold storage units, box freezers and ice machines. We have years of experience helping the people of Middletown maintain, install and repair the refrigerators and related appliances.

Signs Your Fridge Needs Repairs

If you have a problem with your fridge, you may be asking yourself the following questions:

Why is my fridge is making lots of noise

This is usually due to three possible reasons:

  • A loss of lubricant in the fan or coolant motors
  • A loose fan blade
  • The drip pan is too close to the compressor (causing it to vibrate)

Why is my fridge too cold or not cold enough

First thing is to check the fridge thermostat setting to see if a simple adjustment will solve the problem. If not, then the issue is commonly:

  • A clogged condenser coil
  • An inefficient door seal
  • A defective fan
  • If you hear a clicking sound before the compressor starts, then the issue is either with the start capacitor or the compressor itself

Why is my fridge is leaking

Finding water under the fridge? This is probably due to:

  • A broken line leading to your water dispenser or ice maker
  • The drain pan contains cracks or holes
  • A clogged drain

Jm Pro Hydro Corp can help you with more than just your fridge

The people of Middletown come to us for help with:

  • Custom wine coolers
  • Cold storage units
  • Box freezers
  • Ice machines

Commercial Refrigeration in Middletown

Jm Pro Hydro Corp offers a full range of commercial refrigeration services. Whether you own a restaurant, a hotel, or an office cafeteria, Jm Pro Hydro Corp will provide you with the service you are searching for at a reasonable price. The business owners of Middletown can call on our mechanical contractors to install, repair or perform regular maintenance on:

Walk-in Coolers and Freezers

When you have a large amount of perishable foods that require precise temperature control as well as enough space for ease of accessibility, a walk-in fridge or freezer is the answer.

Ice Machines and Commercial Ice Makers

From refreshing beverages to keeping displayed food at the correct temperature and more, ice machines are convenient and allow for more room in a freezer.

Deli & Display Cases

If you serve great food, then you want to show it off. Deli and display cases keep your food at the right temperature while allowing it to be close at hand.

Under Bar Refrigeration

Made not only for bars but all types of serving areas, under bar refrigeration provides cool convenience where you need it most.

Display Merchandizers

Lessen the amount of work your staff has to perform by allowing your customers to get their frosty drinks or cold food themselves.

Server Rooms

For your computer servers to work as well as they can they need to be kept cool. This can be difficult since servers are running constantly, creating a great deal of heat that will eventually wear it down. Having a temperature controlled server room will provide the optimal environment and increase the longevity of your servers.

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